Ethel Mitrovic

“I was born in Thunder Bay longer ago than I’d like to remember.  Back then I dearly loved to draw but no one, including me, took my artistic bent seriously.  It wasn’t until I retired from my “real” job as a practical nurse at the Elgin General Hospital, that I began my artistic career.

It all started with a few classes in pottery, first at Hutton House and then at the London Potters Guild.

My favourite method of potting is hand building with slabs of clay.  I also do some clay sculpture.  Last Spring I took a workshop about using a product called Power Tex, which is a fabric hardener.  This techniques makes it possible to make delicate lace that cannot be done with clay as the result is too fragile and will fall apart.

For relaxation I attempt to paint in watercolour.  Next I think it would be fun to try to construct jewellery from various materials, possibly going back to my old favourite - clay - a good material for beads don’t you think?”