Michelle Vyn

Discovering the world around her through art was Michelle’s favourite pastime at a very early age. She gave expression to this wonder by drawing subjects from nature (primary grades), pet portraits (junior grades), and eventually (in the teen years) by creating portraits of friends and family. Primarily self-taught at drawing and with a love for realism, she branched into working with other media while at university, and she discovered a love for many art styles throughout history. Meanwhile, her love for learning also blossomed and she journeyed into academia, earning 3 university degrees before returning to her first love, studio art. Michelle lives in St. Thomas, and her plate (or palette) is very full with married life and 3 children, art shows/exhibitions, writing, supply-teaching and volunteer work.

Michelle is still mainly self-taught; however, she has taken a few college and university studio art courses, as well as other workshops along the way. She also enjoys meeting and collaborating with other artists and finds satisfaction that in art there is always more to learn and more to express. Her love for colour and texture is evident in her compositions, and her variety of life experience shows in the diversity of subject matter and influential styles incorporated into her work. Currently, she explores the bounds of creativity with acrylic paints and media (pouring medium, gels, pastes, etc.), and she enjoys drawing, printmaking, mixed media creations, and many other artistic media.

She maintains a website ( http://www.michellevyn.com/ ), and a Facebook page, with regular updates of her work as more is finished ( https://www.facebook.com/FruitfulVyn ).