Robin Lynn Fleming

Robin Lynn was born in Ottawa Ontario to Donna and Dave Anstee. She moved to St. Thomas with her parents and younger brother in her early childhood. She continues to live in St. Thomas. At present she lives with her husband and son. 

Robin Lynn developed an interest in art in early public school. In grade one, for show and tell she drew a picture found on a cereal package of oatmeal. She continued her drawing abilities throughout public school and into high school. In her teen years she took art lessons from Jiri Hanzalek who was the Director at the St. Thomas Art Gallery at the time. She also took art in high school but wished she went on to college to pursue her art work. Instead she graduated from HCA or today called PSW. Robin Lynn shows a deep compassion for the elderly.
Robin Lynn prefers working in oil paints. She has also used coloured pencils and acrylic paints. She has made still-life images that provide realism through applying many layers of detail. She enjoys creating landscapes and people in her art works. She has worked on site, during camping with family and at home. She can spend hours doing her art without noticing the time has elapsed.

During Robin Lynn’s time working at Elgin Manor she has been asked to create a large mural covering three walls and two doors using acrylic paints. The mural is a country setting with cows, the side of an old barn, quilts hanging on clothes lines and a truck driving away. She invites everyone to come out and have a view. The residents love it.
Robin Lynn has displayed her art at the Elgin Business Resource Centre and participated in the “Art Before Christmas” art show at CASO. She has sold many of her art pieces by commission. She is a member of the Art Guild.

Robin Lynn likes to use her imagination with her art. She enjoys finding the right angle to allow the viewer to step right into the scene she created. She has a love for art and is inspired by other artists. Robin Lynn is always striving to improve her art work. From time to time she has taken lessons by local artists.

Robin Lynn is also talented in decorating celebrating cakes and has sold some. She has made a cake once a month for the staff at Elgin Manor. Some of her other hobbies are running, Tai Chi, biking, hiking, camping and reading. She has ran her first half marathon this year. Robin Lynn likes to read both fiction and non-fiction books and makes a conscious effort to read one book a month.