1. How can I join St. Thomas Art Guild?

Come to your first meeting and pay your membership fee of $25.00 which covers the rest of the current year. Meetings are held from March to December at:
St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave., St. Thomas, Ontario

If you still have questions you may contact us by email at stteartguild@gmail.com

2. How can I enter my artwork in the yearly CASO show?

Once you are a guild member (see above), you must attend at least 3 meetings during the current year in order to enter the show. There is a small fee for each artwork entered, varied by size of work. Volunteering during the show is also a requirement.

3. I displayed some artwork in your show a few years ago. I am a member again and want to display those pieces in the show again. Is that possible?

Work that has been displayed in our show in the past is not eligible to be entered again, as we want our show to be a new experience every year :)

4. Where is the annual art show located?

The yearly show is located in the CASO station, 750 Talbot St., St. Thomas Ontario (It was formerly called the Canada Southern Railway Station).