Judy Ross

"My knowledge of photography, and over 25 years experience as a photographer, has been of great value with painting, in particular regarding composition and 'the art of seeing'.

For the most part, I enjoy vivid colour, painting a variety of subject matter on varied surfaces, as well as incorporating texture into my work through the experimental use of a variety of mediums. My photographs are more about conveying mood with the effective use of lighting, composition, and subject matter.  My paintings express more of my complex nature and the love of experimentation.

I am currently working on a series of cityscapes in abstract collage and I enjoy the freedom to build as I go.  I like my art to have a bit of a twist from the expected with a uniqueness of its own.  It is my goal to continue to develop my technical skills in both my photographic and painted interpretations, to accurately portray what I feel, onto the support of choice.  I enjoy being 'taken away to another place' as I pursue my craft.  It is my hope to bring others along with me and to put forward these feelings through my artistic renditions.

While valuing and respecting my fellow artists, I strive continuously to learn, improve and to maintain individuality in my art, all the while enjoying the ride and keeping it fun.

Although I have occasionally received awards for my art, my greatest reward is when
others express appreciation and enjoyment of it."

Judy is a member of the St Thomas-Elgin Artists' Guild , Port Stanley Artists' Guild , St. Thomas Photographic GuildLambeth Art Association, and the Uptown Arts Club, London.