June Anne Reid

June-Anne has been creating art since she was a young girl - her early years were devoted to drawing in pencil and charcoal.  She began painting in 2004 and has taken several instructional workshops.

Primarily an acrylic painter she has found herself extending her abilities to oil, watercolour, and mixed media works. June-Anne has always been fascinated by hidden or double imagery and finds it a rewarding challenge to try to include in her paintings.

She has always visualized herself as an artist, but never had the opportunity to pursue an art career full-time.  Her goal is to become a full-time artist in her retirement.  She is the Treasurer of the Port Stanley Artists' Guild and a founding member of the St Thomas-Elgin Artists' Guild.

"I enjoy painting true to life images and landscapes, may they be real or imaginary, but my real love lies in abstracts.  By taking my brushes to canvas, I can transpire my thoughts and feelings to become much more than shapes and images.  I often begin with a scene or a colour scheme in mind, mostly from a memory or feeling that has touched me.  As my work progresses, the painting emerges.  It is from these beginnings that I enhance my creation.  I often step back, putting the painting at the 'end of the hall', so to speak, and from a distance seek out the possibilities my art could become and enhance the painting with what emerges from inside me, or what feels right.  I frequently name my paintings so that the viewer looks deeper and becomes more involved with my work."