Announcements/Events from Sept. 19th, 2016 STEAG Meeting

STEAG Annual Art Show
·         Joyce Rintoul noted there are still a few volunteer times to fill in over the show weekend.  Baked goods are needed to be dropped off Friday of the show weekend. 
·         Hardcopy submission sheets for the STEAG Art Show should be handed in at tonight’s meeting or the October meeting (with fees).  Reminder: Artwork size includes the frame.  Please submit Artist Bios at the same time to Bonnie McLean.
·         Nilestown signs (not Van Pelt’s) did the advertising this year. There will be an artist’s sign, a sign at Giant Tiger and a banner on CASO for the show.  Carol McGrath will be writing an article. Marcia will ask the newspaper if they will do an article in the Weekly News (as in previous years).
·         Sue Garrington has agreed to be a judge at the show. 
·         Please note: matted work needs to be in crystal clear bags (purchase at Gunthries/Curries) with acid free cardboard backing for displaying on racks. Wires (D rings) need to be on the back of art for hanging, taped on the edge to prevent scratching other artworks. Oversize is 24” wide and up.
·         Robin Baratta circulated a sheet asking for information on the number of racks (and size) available for the show. Please let Robin know if you have a rack. Racks/Stands should be labelled with your name.
·         Please sign up for advertising drop off locations, take posters and distribute the information locally everywhere.  Advertising has started and will continue.  Members can also create an event on their Facebook pages and share a few weeks before the event.

Acrylic Art with Heather Keating Saturday, September 24 at the St. Thomas Library from 11-4. The theme is landscapes (examples available or bring a photo) $30 fee for supplies if needed. Contact Heather to register and get a materials list. Heather also has weekly sessions in her home for $20 per session with materials supplied.

Katherine Medlyn is providing free stained glass classes for youth ages 14-17. Contact Katherine for dates/times for beginner and advanced classes.

Next Meeting – Monday, October 17, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
St. Andrew’s United Church, 60 West Ave., St. Thomas, Ontario