Next STEAG Meeting Monday March 20, 2017

The next STEAG meeting is
Monday March 20, 2017 at 7:00 pm, 
St Andrew's' United Church, 60 West St, St Thomas ON.
Please bring your fee of $25.00 to join. Everyone welcome.

The Agenda for March will include: 
·         2017 Executive:
Vice President – needs to be filled.
Treasurer – needs to be filled (Marcia Pensa will help volunteer).  Signing Authority updated
Show Convener – needs to be filled (Joyce will help volunteer)
·         Refreshment List – volunteers needed for each meeting
·         Membership List – any new changes should be given to Kit Cutting
·         Speakers List – guests have been arranged for April/May/June
·         Art Show Debriefing (what went well, what could improve for 2017) – Joyce Rintoul
·         Policy & Procedures (review/discuss in March and approve in April) – Elizabeth Bourque
·         Constitution & By Laws (review/discuss in March and approve in April ) – Elizabeth Bourque
·         History of the Art Guild  - Elizabeth Bourque
·         Dues for 2017 – $25 with money/receipts done at break
·         Next Meeting is scheduled Monday, April 17th (confirm)