St. Thomas Elgin Artists’ Guild

Highlights of Meeting Minutes – June 19, 2017
Secretary: Wanda Knight

Annual Art Show News – Nov. 10/11/12, 2017:
  • A Ways and Means Coordinator volunteer is needed to make a chart with all stands, equipment, etc. used in the show and who owns/stores all the items.
  • August meeting: bring in your art selection as members will be choosing art pieces to go on the poster/advertising.
  • September and October meeting: sign-up sheets will be available to volunteer your time for specific duties/shifts at the show
Help our Social Media and Web Site: If you want to link your personal art web pages to the Guild’s or if you write blogs and want to link this, please email May. She is also looking for photos of guild activities, both historical and recent, and especially art works that you will have in this year's show, to promote on social media.

  • Westland Gallery – Square Foot Show July 12 to Aug 11. Grand Opening July 12 at 7 pm on Wortley Rd, London.
  • Call for Submission in View of the Artist – Annual Juried Art Exhibit Saturday, September 9 at St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre
  • Elgin Business Resource Centre – The Centre will hang paintings and handle any sales. Contact Janice Henwood for more information. 519-633-7597
  • Off the Wall – Sunday, July 16 from 11-5:00 pm at Quai Du Vin Winery on Fruit Ridge Line. Free Admission. 

    Next meeting: Monday, July 17, 2017 at 7 pm.